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    Congrats Dave on the ham radio license!

    Radio: KEXP

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    Welcome to the *newly updated* kuehns.com/scott!

    Great things have happened since the last update of this page. I'm engaged to the lovely Jennifer Halverson! Jenn is the pretty young gal that you have probably seen in my photo gallery. We are getting married on November 8th. Yep, there is a web page. Check it out here. Jenn and I are stoked. The wedding is at the Sanctuary at Admiral, in West Seattle. After the wedding you might find us in sunny Mexico, on a beach somewhere.

    I started a new job at a distributed computing company named Topia. The work is a blast. Some more details about Topia are here.

    Some other new things:


    BTW, we still like swimming at Meadowbrook, music at the High Dive, and beer at Big Time. Come join us anytime. Also, we haven't given up on the M's, even though they are 39 games out of first place. Refuse to lose!

    What you can find on this site

    I've been trying to keep better track of special occasions, so take a look at the gallery to see a bit of myself and my friends/family in action. If you like computers, consider a visit to the projects section.